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School Programs

A variety of school programs is available through Living History Associates, Ltd., spanning three centuries of American history. The purpose of these programs is to offer students educational and entertaining interpretive presentations drawn from primary sources. These sources include diaries, letters, and eyewitness accounts of historical events. Our presentations utilize first- and third- person interpretation, discussion, narrative, and the inquiry method. Whenever applicable, regional or site specific information will be included in the interpretive program. The intent is to reinforce the historical significance of the area where the students live.

Our outlines and lesson plans are prepared using the new 1995 revised Virginia social studies Standards of Learning Objectives (S.O.L.'s) for the different grade levels. If you have certain areas which you wish the living history character to reinforce, we invite you to ask. Guides for field trips and/or presentations at nearby historical sites also can be arranged. These time-tested programs have been designed to provide you with another curriculum resource. We believe you will find them helpful.

Contact us for a listing and explanation of our available living history characters and a pricing list. We also have fact sheets on our scholastic and professional backgrounds and school references.


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