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"Dick Cheatham is a MASTER STORY TELLER, a SUPERB TEACHER, and a MOST GIFTED DRAMATIST all rolled up into one magnificent package!...His presentation as John Rolfe is spell binding. Dick Cheatham doesn't just keep his audience's attention, but he involves them and brings them with him into the 1600s. Who says history can't be interesting, entertaining, and captivating?"
Bob Pettitt - President KRHP-TV 14

“I have every intention is bringing Mr. Cheatham and his associates back for an encore. I would recommend this group to anyone looking for a unique way of bridging the past with the present or looking for a way of changing what can be a bland part of any meeting, the opening session, into something the attendees will be talking about for quite a while.”
Maurice P. Fortune, Jr. - Meeting Chairman, CLIC

"...a flood of good memories of the extraordinary Welcome Reception at which you entertained and which has been rightly dubbed the best in history by Red Crossers from across the country."
Phyllis De Maurizi - Red Cross National Convention Chairperson

"A fantastic turnout for his talks. His delivery was entertaining and unique. Guests found him very entertaining and interesting.”

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